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Welcome to Woody Fitzgerald’s official website. You will have the opportunity to hear some music, learn about the most recent release and, if you like, buy a CD.

In the tradition of folk-singer-songwriters, Woody accompanies his original and penetrating lyrics with acoustic guitar and harmonica, and his music ranges from blazing to haunting. Regardless of the themes, which range from gardening, to love, to social commentary, the lyrics and melodies follow a thoughtfully winding and sincerely heartfelt path. As listeners, we find ourselves on an inward journey, and are inspired to contemplate the deep and universal questions that are central to the human experience. The recordings are radically under-produced, providing a raw and unencumbered encounter with both the soul of the musician and the inspiration and source of the music.

Here are some of the things people are saying about the music:


“A blend of soulful lyrics, acoustic guitar, and harmonica that draws you into a magical and heart-felt world. Our family’s number one choice for drive-time music. Elements of Guthrie, Dylan, and Young; a rare combination of music that appeals to adults and children alike.”                                                                                       -Doug Pollock and Darcie Hamel, Oregon


“My friends and I have been listening to it all week – even singing it when not listening. I’m amazed.  If I went into a music store it is exactly what I would buy!"                                                                                      - Tony Sohns, Maine